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SFU Meeting

 Simon Fraser University

Mural Project / Initial Sketches

Close up of the details (rough draft)

The final mural will be longer than this current draft. We are using this to gauge styles and concepts before we move forward to final completion of sketch.

Use the left and right arrows to move the mural left or right.

Buildings, iconic monuments, and spaces are combined from all three main campuses to emphasize the idea of Simon Fraser University being one University despite the geographic constraints. The piece also echos how students are always going from one campus to the next, and how the faculties are all mixed within each campus.

By mixing the three campuses into one unified space it also allows for all campuses to be in the mural, regardless of how it’s cropped off in the different locations it will be installed in.


Beedie School of Business Mural

Faculty specific mural using elements from the university-wide mural combined with Beedie elements.


Currently not all of the activities from the list are covered in this artwork. But below is a full list of what we plan to include:

  • Beedie Merchandise (Fan Scarf, Hoodie, Etc.)

  • Case Competitions

  • CaseIT Red Balloon Photo Booth

  • Student Reading Harvard Business Review

  • Business Students Managing Bookstore

  • Presenting PowerPoints

  • Business Administration Student Society

  • Elements Referring to All Nine Specializations

  • Amazing Race

  • Segal Building

  • Charles Chan Building

  • Beedie Clubs with Logos

  • JDC-specific Elements (ie. Trophy Cup)

  • International Case Competitions

  • Students Working Together on Laptops

  • Wayfinding to BUS 207, 312, 336, 360W

  • Students networking

  • Convocation with Business Graduation Regalia

  • West Mall Complex

  • Arthur Erikson Architecture

  • BEAM Program with Bloomberg Terminals


Immersive Experience


A bike can be installed to encourage users to participate with the mural in an immersive way, and share the mural on social media. The bike could also hooked up to lights, lighting up a sign in the art if the viewer cycles enough.


Viewers can also interact with characters such as using the birds wings.
(Wings can be adjusted to better suit someone who is standing up)


Bonus Applications

For these applications, we can collaborate with students from Simon Fraser University’s technology programs to allow them to put their mark on the mural. This allows the students to take ownership of the mural, and make the mural applicable in areas beyond a physical wall space.


Embedding RFID Into The Mural

Small RFID chips can be embedded into the wall space. Viewers will be prompted to place their phones against the murals, where the RFID chip will lead them to a specific website.

For example, if a student places their phone over the area depicting Freedom Square near Convocation Mall they’ll be linked to an SFU website page that shows them the history of activism in the square. This would be especially useful after SFU campus tours if participants wanted to learn about the three campuses.


Music Challenge

We’d like to challenge students from SFU’s music program to use sounds from their surroundings to create music. The mural is separated into areas like the outdoors, study spaces, coffee shops, etcetera. Using RFID, not only can we share information about the space but also how the surroundings might sound.

For example, the area showing Renaissance Coffee could use sounds from the coffee machine, cups clattering, and people chatting to create a beat similar to the one above. Students could listen to this while interacting with the mural, or through a custom SFU playlist via applications like Spotify while they study.

Sample of Carson's work roughly mapped on Google 360.

Google 360 and Augmented Reality

The artwork can also be applied to the virtual space through Google 360 and augmented reality. Students can either use the Google VR Lens, or their phones to interact with the artwork on a whole new level.


Thank you!