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Pacific North Weave

Pacific North Weave

art, design, illustration, mural, sneakers

This project was a collaboration between us, Six Hundred Four + EVO Car Share. This collaboration was brought together with one idea in mind, and that’s to champion the arts and culture of Vancouver. The illustration titled ‘Pacific North Weave’ took on several forms including a hand painted mural in Gastown, a hand painted art piece (60” x 40” on display at Six Hundred Four), a printed vinyl mural at the EVO office and finally as premium designer sneakers by Six Hundred Four.

Big shout out to Aiken Lao for assisting on the mural and creating the Le Mini Sneakers for the first twenty purchases of our sneakers. Video shot and produced by the talented folks at Timelapse Film in Vancouver.

Order your pair here.

Pacific North Weave

Shot and edited by Timelapse Film

Pacific North Weave is an illustration that plays with the concept of interconnectedness. Vancouver is a fabric that is woven by a vibrant and diverse palette of colours as it sits at the edge of western Canada. It is the junction point between the west and the east. The illustration is comprised of hundreds of visual elements sourced from all over the city and is intertwined by purposeful lines that form a texture from afar. When seen from up close we begin to see the seamless interaction between each individual element in the illustration that help form this intricate snapshot of the city. United, strong, and free are the fabric that make up this beautiful city we call home.


Timelapse video of the making of the mural.