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‘Ride Wild’ - For VMF17

'Ride Wild' - Vancouver Mural Fest 2017

illustration, mural

'Ride Wild' is our piece done for the 2nd Vancouver Mural Festival (Aug 3 - 11th). It's measured 98'-7" wide x 15'-8" tall by the side of Swiss Bakery (143 East 3rd). This mural took us 7 days (some half and some full) to finish. Our mural was generously sponsored by Native Shoes.

The concept behind this mural is based on a fun portrayal the modern commuter’s psyche in Vancouver. We are often faced with the dilemma of whether we should drive or cycle to our destination, but deep down we are often caught longing to be riding freely on our bicycles. This piece will hopefully help remind us to break out of our reliance on cars and ride our bicycles as free as wild rabbits.

See the mural come to life as an Augmented Reality piece here.

Special thanks to friends who unconditionally helped us make this mural happen! Big shout out to Kenzo Mechaneck, Venustiano Davidson, Ephraim Perez, Albert Law and Nicola Herrmann.

Photography by the talented Jeremy Jude Lee

Interview video shot and edited by Joseph Bronson.

Story also beautifully featured on Native Shoe's blog

‘Ride Wild’ - For VMF17


VMF video by Joseph Bronson

Video shot and edited by Joseph Bronson from Joi Productions during the Vancouver Mural Festival.