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Splunk Vancouver HQ office mural

art direction, design, mural

Splunk Technologies is based out of San Francisco and with their new HQ in Vancouver designed by MCM Interiors, we created this mural of Vancouver seamlessly integrating with Shanghai and Taipei. This concept came from the idea that most of their engineering staff are mostly from these cities and to make them feel at home, we created this hybrid landscape.

For this project, the client wanted us to develop a mobile mural system that can be taken apart and reinstalled if they were to move. Our solution was to create a mural made up of 5 aluminum panels wrapped in vinyl and fastened on French cleats. This system will allow the client to remove the artwork while providing ventilation for the air vents behind the artwork.

Construction by @govanbrown | Vinyl print and installation by Northside Signs. Project manager: Aiken Lao

Concept pencil sketch for client approvals.

Concept pencil sketch for client approvals.

Here’s a rough pencil sketch provided to the client for approvals prior to the final illustration phase. Measurements are carefully recorded on location during inspection.

Splunk Mockup-4.jpg