Chairman Ting Industries Inc.
A creative art studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

That's a wrap for 2016! from Chairman Ting on Vimeo.

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Photo by Albert Law Photography

Photo by Albert Law Photography



We are a tiny studio based in Vancouver. In fact, we’re so tiny that we named our company Chairman Ting Industries Inc. just to be silly.

We’re a husband and wife team that sweat the details and pour 100% of our hand crafted work into everything we do. Despite being nano size, we’ve worked on giant global brands like Mercedes-Benz, adidas Originals, Microsoft and much more. We hand pick all our projects because we can't afford to take on anything we don't enjoy working on. 

Chairman Ting Industries Inc. was born in 2008 in Vancouver as a little side project founded by Carson Ting and Denise Cheung. The company was created to allow us to work on fun experimental art projects at night while Carson worked as an art director at advertising agencies like Rethink, DDB Canada, Blast Radius, TAXI and more. As projects got bigger, Carson left his freelance art direction career to focus solely on Chairman Ting work.

We are currently working on a mural for Vega, BOSA properties and Daimler AG in Stuttgart, Germany. Feel free to drop us a line to say hi.