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Over the years we've been fortunate enough to be recognized in award shows around the world and written up in publications. These tiny blips of 'Hooray!' from time to time really help motivate us to create better and more meaningful work. Here's a collection of these moments. We hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as we do. 


Applied arts 2014 design awards

We’re extremely happy and honoured to have been featured in the latest issue of Applied Arts. We’ve always been a big fan of this publication for well over a decade. We still remember flipping page after page of brilliant creativity, art and design and being completely inspired by all the work in the book back when we were just students. Slowly over the years we began to have our work featured in Applied Arts but to have an editorial piece written about our studio is just absolutely fantastic! Click here for the full article story.

Big thanks to Elizabeth Eames for making the trek out to our studio that day and spending the time to interview us and taking the time to learn about our journey to making it out on our own.


Applied Arts illustration award 2016

Proud to have my Chinatown Tales illustration series selected in the latest Applied Arts Illustration annual.

Year: 2016
Category: Retail Applications (Illustration) – Series
Title: Chinatown Tales


Communication arts illustration award 2015

Honoured to be recognized in this year’s Communication Arts illustration annual for my illustration work for Sport Chek’s #MyNorth campaign