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Over the years we've been fortunate enough to be recognized in award shows around the world and written up in publications. These tiny blips of 'Hooray!' from time to time really help motivate us to create better and more meaningful work. Here's a collection of these moments. We hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as we do. 


Vancouver Sun

Acclaimed Vancouver illustrator makes his mark worldwide


Applied arts feature

How Chairman Ting Industries became the spray-painted, doodle-wrapped bridge between art and advertising


Scout magazine interview

Long Live The Artistic Reign Of Illustrator Carson “Chairman” Ting


MAEKAN: The Creative Process — Carson Ting Routine to Getting Started

An audio interview on MAEKAN. Photos by Fahim Kassam.

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Creative Mornings Talk

Carson Ting discusses the rebel inside him

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We Heart

Creative process behind Chairman Ting's Dunny design revealed.

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Podcast interview on

The Blind Box Network

The BlindBox S2 Episode 72 ft Carson Ting (Co-Host Rob Lumino)

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Pecha Kucha Vol. 16

A talk about creative transparency.

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