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Located in the heart of the West End in Vancouver, we’re right beside Green Horn Cafe at 990 Nicola Street. We’re open from Monday to Friday from 10am - 6pm. Weekends are by appointment only. Come visit us as we have new artwork up periodically with a small treasure chest of one of a kind illustrations for purchase.

Skate Like It's The Chin Dynasty

Skate Like It's The Chin Dynasty


'Skate Like It's The Chin Dynasty' was part of our solo art show called Homosapienese. The show was an illustrated study of humans and the complexity of all the different ethnic cultures that make up humanity. 

The juxtaposition between a tribesman from Malakula island and my wife Denise from the metropolis of Hong Kong fascinated me, and so for 6 months, I set out to collect a library of obscure ethnic cultures from around the world to create this collection of illustrations.

Each piece was done completely by hand with graphite, acrylic, super India ink and marker on 5232 Re_Standard A3 paper from Japan and custom framed by Rob Nijjar of Framing & Art Centre in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Each piece is also stamped, dated and signed.

TITLE Skate like it's the Chin Dynasty, 2012. 1/1 SIZE 16.75″ x 22.25″ MEDIUM Graphite, ink and acrylic. In-store purchase only.

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